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Countries Included: Japan, China, Korea, Thailand, Philippines, Vietnam

Samurais (also referred to as Bushi) were members of the Japanese military.

They were swordsmen that rose to power in the 12th century and worked loyally under the highest military officer in Japan, the Shogun. The hierarchy of the social caste system would put these warriors at the very top, then the farmers, artisans, and merchants.

Samurai soldiers started off as mainly archers, but throughout the years and many invasions, they became expert swordsmen and used their Katana sword to finish off wounded enemies, as well as in hand-to-hand combat. A typical Katana sword has a 24-inch sharp, curved blade that could slash through almost anything.

A Samurai would always have a Katana sword and full body armor on, and if by chance they were going to be captured, they chose to take their own life rather than die dishonorably. Samurais were some of the most skilled warriors in all of Asia.

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